Rhys Edits

Past projects

A selection of past work from my 10+ years of experience.


Rhod Gilberts work experience



Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience- A factual entertainment program for BBC2 and BBC OneWales.



  • 8 series run on network TV with an audience share of up to 22%

  • Sold internationally with tens of millions of on-demand requests.

  • 2 x BAFTA Awards and 2 X Celtic Media Awards

  • IMDB rating of 8.3/10


The unexplainers



Open-minded rap star John Rutledge and sceptic stand-up comedian Mike Bubbins travel the nation unexplaining the most unexplainable mysteries.

A BBC radio show, podcast and TV series.



  • Multiplatform project that covered TV, radio, podcasts and social media.

  • 500,000+ unique podcast downloads

  • Global audience with appearance in the top 10 iTunes comedy charts


game changer



When Gareth 'Alfie' Thomas came out as the world's first openly gay rugby player, everything changed for him. In this intimate portrait of Gareth and his family, he reveals why he hid his sexuality and why he finally had to tell the truth.